The core of ILC’s academic system is that we are focusing on building and enhancing two important aspects of our students: 


Being the best language centre in Malaysia, ILC focuses on their language skills. This includes enhancing their writing skills, improving grammar knowledge, developing communication skills, and mastering reading skills. The other aspect is personality. We want to develop their characteristics and become a person who are self-motivated in class, responsible, respectful to others, and sensitive towards cultural differences.

In ILC, we believe that learning a language can be successfully achievable with the following criteria.

a) we ensure that the students are surrounded with an English-speaking environment in school because we believe that in order to make speaking English a habit, they have to be encouraged to speak English on a daily basis.

b) we also provide students with academic words or phrases which are commonly used and we encourage them to retain as many words as they can in their vocabulary bank. We teach them how to use it correctly in writing and also speaking.

Last but not least, we make the lesson meaningful and enjoyable. We believe that language should be learned in a fun way, and students need to see the practicality of the language. the best way to do it is to include real life tasks. with the mixture of knowledge and the involvement of physical activities, the lessons can be exciting for the students.