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Online courses are structured through a third-party software, according to the schedule attached to the chosen course. Also, all courses' content is attached via educational PDF files and videos as well
Online education may seem relatively new, but years of research suggests it can be just as effective as traditional coursework, and often more so. According to a major review found that online students had the advantage 70 percent of the time, a gap authors projected would only widen as programs and technologies evolve.

Successful online students tend to be organized self-starters who can complete their work without reporting to a traditional classroom. Learning styles and preferences matter, too. Prospective students should research programs carefully to identify which ones offer the best chance of success.
Simply Click on the "Buy Course" button, and follow the instructions in Checking out and paying online. We accept payment thru PayPal.
The details of the class are attached to each course. After you choose the course that you consider to study, you can register via the link attached below. and You will be communicated with the academic Principal for the schedule and more details
Yes, You can take an online course as long as you have access to the Internet on your phone that meets the minimum requirements.
There are no signup costs or subscription fees. There are fees imposed by PayPal as their commission, and your bank may charge you a fee based on the bank’s fee schedule.
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Yes, the certificate issued is accredited by the Malaysian Ministry of Education

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